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Twentieth Century TV History and Videos


Use the interactive guides to find full episodes of classic TV shows online.
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You can easily discover TV shows, DVDs, and free videos, and enjoy the process.
About the Free Videos
All videos embedded for viewing are assumed to be public domain and/or freely-distributable.
The video files themselves are stored at, maintained by, and served from
the Internet Archive
at its Moving Image Library Classic TV Sub-Collection.
Internet Archive encourages video embedding of digital artifacts stored at the Library.
Like the Great Library of Alexandria their mission is to catalog the world's information.
In addition, Internet Archive wishes to make their content freely available to all:
"The Internet Archive is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that was founded to build an Internet library. Its purposes include offering permanent access for researchers, historians, scholars, people with disabilities, and the general public to historical collections that exist in digital format."

Note: Internet Archive also allows – and encourages! – downloading its digital video files.
Follow the "Source" attribution link on each streaming video page at
Internet Archive accepts donations.
About the Interface has curated and built this directory of the freely-watchable public domain television episodes uploaded to the Internet Archive Classic TV collection. This new online guide, a uniquely structured interface to the thousands of videos stored at Internet Archive, sorts the episodes into meaningful guides based on show title and year of original broadcast, and quickly directs users to favorite shows or newly-discovered television gems. Videos are embedded at for free viewing with no account required, and no video advertising apart from any historic commercials intact within the original broadcasts. Over 170 series and 1,300 episodes are indexed for free viewing. has built its our own database of metadata about the classic TV videos, and has added info from other freely-available sources and from its own independent research.

Free episodes are listed in chronological order with thumbnails and summaries so users can binge-watch many classics shows.

For feedback on this website contact:

Based in Corvallis, Oregon, has been publishing historic TV schedules with
links to public domain videos since 2010, and building a growing guide to classic TV.


Historic Schedules
Derived from public-use information via:
with additional editing based on independent research
Episode Titles / Broadcast Dates / Season and Episode Numbers
Derived from public-use information via:
Internet Archive (
plus basic information available at IMDb
with additional editing based on independent research
Episode Summaries
Derived from public-use information via:
Internet Archive (
with additional editing based on independent research
Free Online Video
Embedded videos are public-use content made available at, and served by:
Internet Archive ( Moving Image Archive
which encourages embedding of items in its library
Internet Archive (, Wikipedia, and TVRage
These three sites have user-supplied content which is made freely available online. has no association with these sites, and they do not authorize
or endorse this web site in any way. Learn more about, or donate to:
Internet Archive (, Wikipedia, and TVRage.
Additional Thanks
A further source of knowledge:
  The Complete Directory of Prime Time Network and Cable Shows, 1946-Present
  by Tim Brooks and Earle F. Marsh
  Ballantine Books; 9th Edition (October 16, 2007)


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