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Racket Squad


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September 6, 1951
Season 2, Episode 1

Kite High

A private Las Vegas casino operator alters his customers' checks before they are deposited.
November 15, 1951
Season 2, Episode 11

The Salted Mine

Braddock goes after some con men who swindled a friend with a salted mine.
November 29, 1951
Season 2, Episode 25

The Bill of Sale Racket

A young couple who own a gas station get taken in by an escrow scam that resells their station and leaves them with nothing.
January 3, 1952
Season 2, Episode 18

Accidentally on Purpose

A used car dealership is investigated after a young couple are injured driving a vehicle with bad brakes.
January 24, 1952
Season 2, Episode 21

Desperate Money

Captain Braddock investigates a ruthless loanshark harassing an immigrant tailor.
February 28, 1952
Season 2, Episode 26

The Case of the Hearse Chaser

An ex-con takes suspicious interest in a dead man's life. His former cell mate may hold the secret.
July 3, 1952
Season 2, Episode 44

The Long Shot

Captain Braddock investigates the disappearance of a lottery ticket.
January 1, 1953
Season 3, Episode 16

The System

Using his attractive daughter as bait, a con man sells a system for betting on horses to a man who has interest in the daughter.
February 26, 1953
Season 3, Episode 19

His Brother's Keeper

Braddock starts a crackdown on an organized begging racket.
July 2, 1953
Season 3, Episode

Take a Little, Leave a Little

Several businessmen get conned into participating in a phony oil deal.


Racket Squad

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