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Michael Shayne


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    Michael Shayne     19601961     available on [DVD]


November 11, 1960
Season 1, Episode 6

Shoot the Works

A woman returns to find her husband dead, and herself the prime suspect. Michael Shayne investigates and finds plenty of suspects including the wife, the nephew, two business partners, and a jealous husband.
December 16, 1960
Season 1, Episode 11

Murder and the Wanton Bride

A man who wanted to hire Michael Shayne is found dead near a cheap hotel. Shayne find himself trying to untangle of the lies, betrayal, deception, murder, and kidnapping against the backdrop of a ritzy health spa.
December 30, 1960
Season 1, Episode 13

Murder in Wonderland

An accountant for an underworld kingpin calls Michael Shayne for help from a phone booth and is a shot down before Shayne can learn anything. He was supposed to be carrying a list of names, but all that's found on him is a copy of Alice in Wonderland.


Michael Shayne

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