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Date with the Angels


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    Date with the Angels     19571958     available on [DVD]


May 24, 1957
Season 1, Episode 3

High Fever

Gus is sick, so Vicki arranges for a doctor to see him....a baby doctor!
May 31, 1957
Season 1, Episode 4

The Wheel

Vicki's nephew comes to visit, and quickly causes havoc.
June 7, 1957
Season 1, Episode 5

The Tree in the Parkway

Vickie is worried when a stunted palmtree is being removed.
June 14, 1957
Season 1, Episode 6

The Feud

Two couples living near Vickie and Gus are having a fight.
June 21, 1957
Season 1, Episode 7

Shall We Dance

Vickie and Gus decide to hold a small party.
July 26, 1957
Season 1, Episode 11

The Surprise

Vickie and Gus visit neighbors who receive a surprise when their son returns home.
August 2, 1957
Season 1, Episode 12

Pike's Pique
September 6, 1957
Season 2, Episode 1

Return of The Wheel
September 13, 1957
Season 2, Episode 2

The Gorilla

Vickie and Gus play a practical joke.
September 20, 1957
Season 2, Episode 3

Everybody's Baby

A friend of Vickie and Gus will soon be delivering a child.
September 27, 1957
Season 2, Episode 4

Catered Party

Two neighbors of Vickie and Gus want them to help participate in an abstract dance for a charity event.
December 6, 1957
Season 2, Episode 13

Chip off the Old Block

Gus wants to surprise Vickie for her birthday.
December 13, 1957
Season 2, Episode 14

Santa's Helper

Vickie helps a neighbor get a job as a department store Santa.
December 27, 1957
Season 2, Episode 16

A Day at the Track

Vickie and Gus visit the local race track.
January 8, 1958
Season 2, Episode 18

The Train
January 15, 1958
Season 2, Episode 19

Double Trouble

Vickie is mistaken for a nightclub singer with a jealous boyfriend. Betty White plays two roles in this episode.


Date with the Angels

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