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Season 1, Episode 1
September 26, 1962
Jed Clampett's cousin Pearl convinces him to move his entire family and her son Jethro to Beverly Hills after he strikes oil and hits it rich. But when they get to Beverly Hills, big city life proves to be more than they ever expected.
Season 1, Episode 2
October 3, 1962
Miss Hathaway accidentally believes that the Clampetts are a group of incompetent backwoods hillbillies instead of the millionaires that they really are.
Season 1, Episode 3
October 10, 1962
While at their brand new mansion, the Clampetts start to notice that all of the fancy amenities just can't match up to life in the country.
Season 1, Episode 4
October 17, 1962
The Clampetts believe that Mrs. Drysdale has a serious drinking problem after the way that Mr. Drysdale describes her to them and they try to help her.
Season 1, Episode 5
October 24, 1962
Jed invests in some cows, pigs, chickens, and other animals after Mr. Drysdale suggests that they invest some of their money in stock.
Season 1, Episode 6
October 31, 1962
The Clampetts get a big surprise when they go out to meet their new neighbors in Beverly Hills, not realizing that it's Halloween.
Season 1, Episode 7
November 7, 1962
Mr. Drysdale makes an attempt to teach the Clampetts how to be rich by lending them the use of his servants.
Season 1, Episode 8
November 14, 1962
Jed sends Jethro to an exclusive private boy's school, shocking the headmistress when she realizes he has been entered into the fifth grade.
Season 1, Episode 9
November 21, 1962
There is nothing but confusion when Mr. Drysdale attempts to set up Elly May and his son, Sonny.
Season 1, Episode 10
November 28, 1962
Granny makes Elly Mae a spell that will charm Sonny, and he attempts to change her into a society woman--but instead Sonny comes out looking like a hillbilly.
Season 1, Episode 11
December 5, 1962
Granny attempts to get Elly Mae and Sonny married before Pearl can get Jethrine married. The race begins as Granny tries to get Sonny to propose, while Pearl picks Jasper Depew as Jethrine's beau.
Season 1, Episode 12
December 12, 1962
The Clampetts begin a feud with the Drysdales when Sonny decides he doesn't want to marry Elly Mae.
Season 1, Episode 13
December 19, 1962
Missing the feel of Christmas back in the hills, the Clampett's head back home to spend the holidays with Pearl and Jethrine. While there, they scheme to get Mr. Brewster to propose to Pearl.
Season 1, Episode 14
December 26, 1962
The Clampetts try to help Pearl catch Mr. Brewster's eye before they head back home to "Californy." She takes Mr. Brewster to a showing of Ben Hur at the local theater in hopes of romancing him.
Season 1, Episode 15
January 2, 1963
Jed sets up a plan with Mr. Brewster to have him propose to Pearl, stating that she will say no to him if done in front of a crowd. But things go haywire when Pearl double crosses him and accepts.
Season 1, Episode 16
January 9, 1963
The Clampett's head back home to "Californy" along with cousin Pearl and Jethrine in tow. But when they return, Granny and Pearl begin competing over doing the chores and even sabotage each other's meal they created.
Season 1, Episode 17
January 16, 1963
Jed tries to lighten things up between Granny and Pearl by taking them out for a sightseeing tour around "Californy."
Season 1, Episode 18
January 23, 1963
Jed and Granny mistakenly believe that the Drysdales are having marriage problems.
Season 1, Episode 19
January 30, 1963
Mrs. Drysdale has a problem with Pearl's yodeling lessons she is giving when it causes Duke, the family dog, to run into their yard and begin howling.
Season 1, Episode 20
February 6, 1963
Pearl receives a letter from a pair of former beau's, Lester and Earl, who both want to invite her to an engagement.
Season 1, Episode 21
February 13, 1963
When police arrive to investigate a yodelling-related noise complaint, they find Granny's still.
Season 1, Episode 22
February 20, 1963
Jed cleans himself up for a bit of courting with Mlle. Denise, who has brought her dog to wed Mrs. Drysdale's dog.
Season 1, Episode 23
February 27, 1963
Mr. Drysdale and Miss Jane come to the Clampett's rescue when a confidence man, H.H.H. Jones, sells Jed a bunch of Hollywood monuments, such as the Hollywood Bowl.
Season 1, Episode 24
March 6, 1963
Mr. Drysdale makes Jed a Vice President of the bank so he will be eligible to be his partner at a skeet shooting competition.
Season 1, Episode 25
March 13, 1963
Mrs. Drysdale is expecting Priscilla Ralph Alden Smith Standish, an expert on antiques, to arrive and appraise the items in her home. Ms. Standish is sent to the Clampett's by mistake and is intrigued by the finds within their home.
Season 1, Episode 26
March 20, 1963
Ms. Standish is investigating the Clampett family history, believing that they may have preceded the arrival of the Mayflower. Her findings show that if Jed's Great Great Grandfather is Ezekiel Clampett, that they will have come from a famous family.
Season 1, Episode 27
March 27, 1963
A gold digger secretary has her eyes set on Jed's money as she glamorizes herself to bring a set of papers to the Clampett home to be signed.
Season 1, Episode 28
April 3, 1963
Granny and Jed are distrustful of an IRS man that Mr.Drysdale sends over to collect their taxes due. They believe he is a revenuer and refuse to allow him on their land.
Season 1, Episode 29
April 10, 1963
Jed and Jethro meet up with Mr. Drysdale and Dodger manager Leo Durocher to play a round of golf, which Jed believes will be hunting "golfs"--hard to catch, underground dwelling critters. When Leo sees Jethro handle a baseball, he immediately signs him to play for the Dodgers.
Season 1, Episode 30
April 17, 1963
Mlle. Denise realizes that Duke is the father of her dog's pups. Meanwhile, Jed takes out Mlle. Denise for a date with Miss Jane as their translator and Jethro as her date.
Season 1, Episode 31
April 24, 1963
Mr. Drysdale hopes to hide the Clampett's from a visiting Mr. Van Ransohoff, the bank chairman of the board.
Season 1, Episode 32
May 1, 1963
A day at the bank ends with a lawsuit for the Clampetts when a car rams into them in front of the building.
Season 1, Episode 33
May 8, 1963
When Jethro comes home from school stating he needs to see a doctor who can fill out a Certificate Of Health for the schools records, he inadvertently uses Mrs. Drysdale's doctor, a psychiatrist.
Season 1, Episode 34
May 15, 1963
Dr. Twombly is fascinated by the story Jethro has told describing Granny and wishes to meet with her.
Season 1, Episode 35
May 22, 1963
Jed takes over as president of the bank with Elly Mae as his secretary. A man named Mr. Wilson stops by to get a loan to open a chicken ranch, which Jed was more than happy to provide, earning the bank the title of the friendliest bank in Beverly Hills.
Season 1, Episode 36
May 29, 1963
Jethro's friend from school, Armstrong Dueser McHugh III, comes for a visit. Armstrong is a pampered child who isn't allowed to do anything on his own. While at the Clampetts he gets a taste of what life is like and refuses to go back home to his sheltered life.
Season 2, Episode 1
September 25, 1963
In order to appease Granny, Jed fakes an illness so that she can resume the "medical" practice for which she was famous back in the Ozarks.
Season 2, Episode 2
October 2, 1963
Jane Hathaway is surprised to learn that the Clampetts expect Beverly Hills to celebrate Possum Day, and to have a Possum Day Parade.
Season 2, Episode 3
October 9, 1963
Granny decides she want to plant her own food garden and plans to dig up the front yard of their Beverly Hills mansion
Season 2, Episode 5
October 23, 1963
The Fenwicks visit the Clampett mansion, sporting their new Hillbillly look.
Season 2, Episode 6
October 30, 1963
Jethro is ready to go a courtin' so Jed sends him out to find true love and tells him he will know it when he hears music playing.
Season 2, Episode 7
November 6, 1963
Lovesick Jethro decides to get married.
Season 2, Episode 8
November 13, 1963
The Clampetts receive word that their multi-million dollar bank account is overdrawn to the sum of $34.70.
Season 2, Episode 9
November 20, 1963
After meeting up with small-time actor Jake Clampett (no relation), the hillbilly Clampetts end up going Hollywood in a big way.
Season 2, Episode 10
November 27, 1963
The Clampetts befriend their Thanksgiving dinner, a hand shaking turkey called Herman.
Season 2, Episode 11
December 4, 1963
Mrs. Drysdale and the Clampetts schedule garden parties at the same time.
Season 2, Episode 12
December 11, 1963
Elly is out of control so Jed decides that the solution is to find her a step-mother.
Season 2, Episode 13
December 18, 1963
The Clampetts try to get more cultured by participating in some of the more refined customs of Beverly Hills.
Season 2, Episode 14
December 25, 1963
Banker Drysdale sends the Clampetts numerous expensive gifts for Christmas which end up befuddling them.
Season 2, Episode 16
January 8, 1964
Granny mistakes a kangaroo for a giant jackrabbit.
Season 2, Episode 17
January 15, 1964
Slimy Lafe Crick pays the Clampetts a visit from the Ozarks hoping to marry his daughter off to Jethro.
Season 2, Episode 19
February 5, 1964
Ellie Mae is a contestant in the Miss Beverly Hills beauty contest.

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