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1952 The John Richard Bayless Case

The story of bank robber/forger John Richard Bayless who was nabbed after being recognized on an airplane by an alert flight attendant.
1952 The Scissors Gang Case

Connecticut State Police are desperate to apprehend the Scissors Gang who have committed over 50 robberies all across the Nutmeg State.
1954 The Boilat-Fiaschetti Case

A police detective pursues a French robber from New York to Paris then back again.
1954 The O'Dell-Griffin Case

Police in Buffalo NY conduct a search for jewel thieves believed to be using Canada as their base of operations.
1955 The Dennis Case

The story of Gerard Dennis who stole over a million dollars worth of jewels in a year's time and fequently used women as his accomplices.
1955 The Herbert Noble Case
1955 The John Dillinger Case

The story of the FBI's pursuit of the legendary desperado and Public Enemy Number One, John Dillinger.
1955 The Karpis Case

The story of Alvin "Creepy" Karpis, a Depression-era public enemy whom FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover himself helped directly apprehend.
1955 The Mendoro Case

Charles Mendoro and his partner use poison gas to rob currency exchanges in Chicago.
1955 The Phantom Case

Police are baffled by the case of a bandit known as "the Phantom" who seems to disappear completely after he commits his robberies.
1955 The Unholy Three Case

Three vicious crooks use a church mission in Huntington WV as headquarters for their criminal deeds.
1955 The Van Meter Case

Homer Van Meter was a trusted co-hort of the notorious desperado John Dillinger but when he split off from the gang it was the beginning of the end.



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