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The General Electric Theater


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    The General Electric Theater     19531962


November 14, 1954
Season 3, Episode 8

I'm A Fool

A bitter man reflects upon the time he took on a false identity to impress a pretty young woman and ended up losing her forever when his ruse was discovered.
November 21, 1954
Season 3, Episode 9

The Face Is Familiar

No one seems to be able to remember the face of Tom Jones so a gang of robbers decide to use him as a stooge in their latest heist.
December 5, 1954
Season 3, Episode 11


An author searching for a big scoop gets placed in a mental institution after losing his identity papers.
January 30, 1955
Season 3, Episode 18

The Big Shot

A young man filled with wishes, hopes, and dreams heads to New York to audition for a record company.
February 6, 1955
Season 3, Episode 19

The Return of Gentleman Jim

In this fantasy episode, boxer Jim Corbett returns from the Great Beyond to face Joe Louis in the squared circle.
April 3, 1955
Season 3, Episode 26

It Gives Me Great Pleasure

A traveling lecturer decides it's time to retire in order to spend more time with her son.
November 6, 1955
Season 4, Episode 6

Winner by Decision

A youth is torn between his father who envisions great success for the lad in the boxing arena and his mother who wants him to continue his education.
February 19, 1956
Season 4, Episode 21

The Honest Man

A piano tuner gets involved with gangsters, molls, and stolen jewels.
March 24, 1957
Season 5, Episode 27

Too Good with a Gun

A gunslinger tries to live down his reputation by taking a job as a ranch hand but soon finds out that he cannot outrun his past.
May 10, 1959
Season 7, Episode 31

Nobody's Child

Ronald Reagan plays the owner of a store selling rare albums that finds himself caught between two females: A wealthy woman with romantic designs a mischievous little girl with no one else to care for her.


The General Electric Theater

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