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Treasury Men in Action


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November 4, 1954
Season 5, Episode 5

Federal Men: The Case of the Man Outside

Convicts in a prison printing shop hatch a counterfeiting scheme. The foreman of the printing shop wants to stay out of the conspiracy to secure his parole after 14 years in prison.
December 16, 1954
Season 5, Episode 11

Federal Men: The Case of the Losing Gamble
December 23, 1954
Season 5, Episode 12

Federal Men: The Case of the Bad Bad Bargain

A treasury man poses as an opium dealer in order to catch a ring of opium smugglers.
January 13, 1955
Season 5, Episode 15

Federal Men: The Case of the Chartered Chiseler

A chartered bus company owner is cheating on his income tax.
January 20, 1955
Season 5, Episode 16

Federal Men: The Case of the Iron Curtain

An American exporter willing to deal with countries behind the Iron Curtain sets up a guilt-ridden French survivor of a POW camp to take the fall for him.
February 3, 1955
Season 5, Episode 18

Federal Men: The Case of the Fatal Error

An old time mobster is losing his mind, but still wants to take on the Treasury Men like he's back in the 1920s.
March 24, 1955
Season 5, Episode 25

Federal Men: The Case of the Deadly Dilemma

An undercover federal agent trying to penetrate a counterfeiting ring runs into a big dilemma when the boss asks him to kill a man.
March 31, 1955
Season 5, Episode 26

Federal Men: The Case of the Black Sheep

A man who is despised by his father works for him in the family's sugar business. After a demotion, he conspires to provide sugar to rum runners.
April 7, 1955
Season 5, Episode 27

Federal Men: The Case of the Avoided Taxes

A man buries money to avoid paying taxes and waits five years to dig it up only to find it full of mold.
May 26, 1955
Season 5, Episode 34

Federal Men: The Case of the Ready Guns

An ex-con with a loving brother and a chip on his shoulder throws in with a man converting stolen guns to automatics to sell to the underworld.


Treasury Men in Action

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