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What's My Line?


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    What's My Line?     19501967


February 2, 1950
Season 1, Episode 1

Mystery Guest is Phil Rizzuto

Premiere Telecast. Panelists include former New Jersey governor Harold Hoffman.
October 5, 1952
Mystery Guest is Bette Davis
July 19, 1953
Mystery Guest is Ronald Reagan
October 18, 1953
Mystery Guest is Eleanor Roosevelt
February 21, 1954
Mystery Guest is Lucille Ball
August 22, 1954
Mystery Guest is Johnnie Ray
September 5, 1954
Mystery Guests are Sal Maglie and Duke Snider
January 2, 1955
Mystery Guest is Eve Arden
October 2, 1955
Mystery Guests are Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz
February 5, 1956
Mystery Guests are Randolph Churchill and Kim Novac
October 31, 1965
Mystery Guest is Andy Griffith


What's My Line?

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