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The Bob Cummings Show


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    The Bob Cummings Show     19551959     available on [DVD]


December 22, 1955
Season 2, Episode 14

Grandpa's Christmas Visit

Bob attempts to set up Grandpa with a sweet old lady but Grandpa steals Bob's date instead.
March 11, 1958
Season 4, Episode 24

Bob Gets Harvey A Raise
March 18, 1958
Season 4, Episode 25

Bob Saves Harvey
March 25, 1958
Season 4, Episode 26

Bob Goes Birdwatching

Bob plans to enjoy the afternoon with an attractive woman but is sidetracked by the woman's birdwatching roommate.
April 1, 1958
Season 4, Episode 27

Bob Goes To The Moon

Bob's relationship with a Swedish model improves when he persuades her that he's to be a rocket pilot to the moon.
April 8, 1958
Season 4, Episode 28

Bob Retrenches

Bob gives everyone gifts when he thinks he's to get a big tax break.
May 6, 1958
Season 4, Episode 31

Grandpa Attends the Convention

Grandpa attends a reunion with his military buddies.
May 13, 1958
Season 4, Episode 32

Grandpa's Old Buddy

Grandpa and his buddy, Charlie Henley, make a play for two of Bob's models.
May 27, 1958
Season 4, Episode 33

Bob DIgs Rock And Roll

Bob attempts to help Chuck win back his old girlfriend.
June 17, 1958
Season 4, Episode 36

Bob's Forgotten Fiancee
September 23, 1958
Season 5, Episode 1

Bob and Schultzy Reunite

Schultzy takes a job at a rocket factory to meet an eligible bachelor while Bob unknowingly replaces Schultzy with an incompetent secretary.
October 14, 1958
Season 5, Episode 4

Bob and the Ravishing Realtor

Bob tries to charm a real estate agent.
November 18, 1958
Season 5, Episode 8

Bob In Orbit

Bob gets into trouble when Grandpa attacks the base.
November 25, 1958
Season 5, Episode 9

Bob Becomes A Stage Uncle

Bob tries to persuade Chuck not to be a rock 'n' roll singer.
December 2, 1958
Season 5, Episode 10

Bob Butters Beck, Beck Butters Better

Margaret wants Bob to promote Chuck's first rock 'n' roll record.
December 9, 1958
Season 5, Episode 11

Collins The Crooner

A newspaper columnist reports that Bob is to record an album.
December 16, 1958
Season 5, Episode 12

Bob Judges a Beauty Pageant

Bob wants to be a judge in an Air Force beauty contest.
December 23, 1958
Season 5, Episode 13

Bob Plays Margaret's Game

Bob misunderstands Grandpa's conversation over the phone about his new pet monkey and thinks Grandpa has a young girlfriend instead.
December 30, 1958
Season 5, Episode 14

Grandpa Moves West


The Bob Cummings Show

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