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The Stu Erwin Show


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December 9, 1950
Season 1, Episode 8

Thank You, Mr Jarvis

The Ewrin family wins a famous butler in a radio contest, but find he doesn't quite suit the family.
December 16, 1950
Season 1, Episode 9

Father Gets Into the Act

A Hollywood film producer wants to produce a film at the local high school.
January 27, 1951
Season 1, Episode 15

June 16, 1951
Season 1, Episode 35

Many Happy Returns
July 14, 1951
Season 1, Episode 39

Springtime for Father

Stu wants to go hunting with his friend, but their families want to go to glamorous New York City.
October 19, 1951
Season 2, Episode 1

Hate the Love Seat

Stu disposes of a love-seat that he mistakenly thinks his wife purchased.
November 30, 1951
Season 2, Episode 7

In a Pickle

Who makes the best pickles?
December 14, 1951
Season 2, Episode 9

The Big Game
February 1, 1952
Season 2, Episode 17

The Business

Stu ends up co-owning a dress shop.
February 22, 1952
Season 2, Episode 19

A Very Rainy Day
March 14, 1952
Season 2, Episode 22

A Party Comes To Life

A series of mishaps result when teenage daughter Joyce has a initiation party at the house.
October 17, 1952
Season 3, Episode 1

Jackie Finds a Cause

Jackie decides to start a petition after her friend loses his job because the council thinks he is too old.
November 28, 1952
Season 3, Episode 5

Father Takes a Pet

Stu adopts a bunch of fish, which keep producing too many baby fish.
February 27, 1953
Season 3, Episode 14

In the Shade of the Old Family Tree

Stu thinks he may be related to Peter Stuyvesant.
April 3, 1953
Season 3, Episode 17

Youth, It's Wonderful
June 12, 1953
Season 3, Episode 24

The Day the Circus Came to Town
April 6, 1955
Season 4, Episode 25

The Pearl Necklace


The Stu Erwin Show

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