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The Buccaneers


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    The Buccaneers     19561957     available on [DVD]


September 19, 1956
Season 1, Episode 1


Captain and new Governor, Woodes Rogers, turn up at New Providence island to clean up the pirates there.
October 3, 1956
Season 1, Episode 3

Captain Dan Tempest

Captain Dan Tempest, arrested for piracy, is later approached by Governor Rogers and given a chance to redeem himself by delivering cargo to Charleston.
October 10, 1956
Season 1, Episode 4

Dan Tempest's War with Spain

After Governor Rogers has given him a second chance Captain Dan Tempest decides to go back to his pirating ways but instead saves the Fort with his three shipmates.
November 28, 1956
Season 1, Episode 11

Before the Mast

When some sailors on New Providence are press-ganged into the service of Spanish pirates under El Supremo who is attacking supply ships, Tempest and Dickon go undercover to stop them intercepting the Felicity which is bringing supplies to their island.
December 5, 1956
Season 1, Episode 12

Dan Tempest and the Amazons

French pirate attempts to sell seven women to New Providence. They take over his ship then beat Dan Tempest, but help is at hand from the women.
January 16, 1957
Season 1, Episode 18

Dead Man's Rock

The Spaniards attack and Beamish is kidnapped by the evil Rodriguez along with Dickon to attempt to make Beamish reveal the date of a secret convoy.
January 23, 1957
Season 1, Episode 19

Blood Will Tell

The heir to a trader's island estate is missing and Piggott who Dickon recognises as a thief he once knew is after it. The only way Tempest and Dickon can stop this is for Dickon to pretend to be an heir too.
January 30, 1957
Season 1, Episode 20

Dangerous Cargo

Dan Tempest must deliver Lady Hilary Winrod to Barbados, supposedly for a honeymoon. Captain Mendoza tries to snatch her and it is up to Tempest to get her to safety when he discovers the real purpose of her mission.
February 20, 1957
Season 1, Episode 23


The Sultana is in the hands of Don Fernando Estaban and his men who are pretending to be Tempest and her crew.
March 6, 1957
Season 1, Episode 25

Conquest of New Providence

While Tempest and his crew have been away, Don Estaban has taken over New Providence. Tempest and Beamish's plans are hampered by traitors who betray them to the Spanish.
March 20, 1957
Season 1, Episode 27

Cutlass Wedding

Seven women formerly brought to New Providence by a French pirate announce they wish to marry.
March 27, 1957
Season 1, Episode 28

The Aztec Treasure

A man named Martin asks Captain Dan Tempest to help him acquire Aztec treasure, which the Spanish also seek.
May 22, 1957
Season 1, Episode 36

The Decoy

The Sultana comes upon a woman in a rowing boat. Tempest suspects she is a decoy to lure them into the hands of the terrible Turk but she insists that the Turk is holding her husband captive.
May 29, 1957
Season 1, Episode 37

Instrument of War

Tempest and his crew attempt to get David MacGregor off of Prisoner's Island to Port Royal where he can plead the Scot's case.
June 5, 1957
Season 1, Episode 38

Pirate Honour

Captain Drewitt was murdered and now his wife and son must manage as best as they can. But Major Langley is after the Captain's treasure and has set the evil Black Bart on Tempest when he tries to help them.


The Buccaneers

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