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The Goldbergs


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    The Goldbergs     19491956     available on [DVD]


August 29, 1949
The Distinguished Guest

The Goldberg family comes home from their vacation and quickly learns that not everyone tells the truth.
August 7, 1953
The Goldbergs - August 7th, 1953

Jake's uncle Berish comes to visit the Goldbergs.
May 4, 1954
The Goldbergs - May 4th, 1954

Molly decides to take dancing lessons.
May 11, 1954
The Goldbergs - May 11th, 1954

Sammy and Dora are getting "serious", resulting in their parents being worried.
May 25, 1954
The Goldbergs - May 25th, 1954

Molly meets an opera singer who wants to give up singing to become a housewife.
June 1, 1954
The Goldbergs - June 1st, 1954

Molly takes up painting lessons.
June 8, 1954
The Goldbergs - June 8th, 1954

Molly decides to help a struggling dentist.
June 15, 1954
The Goldbergs - June 15th, 1954

Everyone has trouble deciding what to name Elka's latest grandchild.
June 29, 1954
The Goldbergs - June 29th, 1954

Jake is considering changing his job.
July 13, 1954
The Goldbergs - July 13th, 1954

The family take a vacation to Pincus Pines, but Rosalie is bored....until she meets a young doctor.
July 20, 1954
The Goldbergs - July 20th, 1954

While the family is vacationing at Pincus Pines, Molly does a favor for the owner, much to her regret.
August 3, 1954
The Goldbergs - August 3rd, 1954

While the Goldberg family are vacationing at Pincus Pines, a mysterious millionaire comes to visit.
August 10, 1954
The Goldbergs - August 10th, 1954

While the Goldberg family is vacationing at Pincus Pines, and Mr Pincus' sons want to join the business.
August 17, 1954
The Goldbergs - August 17th, 1954

While the Goldberg family is vacationing at Pincus Pines, Mr. Pincus has problems with his staff.
August 31, 1954
The Goldbergs - August 31st, 1954

Molly attends a "reducing school" to try to lose weight.
September 7, 1954
The Goldbergs - September 7th, 1954

Uncle David decides to move out and stay with his son.
September 14, 1954
The Goldbergs - September 14th, 1954

Cousin Muttel comes to visit and asks for a job.
September 21, 1954
The Goldbergs - September 21st, 1954

David's friend Moishe is engaged, but the Goldbergs recieve a letter suggesting his soon-to-be wife is a bad person.
September 28, 1954
The Goldbergs - September 28th, 1954

Jake and everyone argue over who invented the half-size dress.
October 5, 1954
The Goldbergs - October 5th, 1954

The Goldberg family prepares to attend synagogue service.
October 12, 1954
The Goldbergs - October 12th, 1954

Cousin Muttel comes to stay and claims to have a heart condition.
October 19, 1954
The Goldbergs - October 19th, 1954

The final episode of the DuMont Network version of "The Goldbergs."
September 29, 1955
Social Butterfly
November 10, 1955
November 17, 1955
Brief Encounter
March 25, 1956
Member of Jury
April 15, 1956
Treasury Book
May 31, 1956
The Singer
June 9, 1956
David's Cousin
August 18, 1956
Milk Farm
August 19, 1956
Silence Is Not Golden
September 2, 1956
Nurse's Aide


The Goldbergs

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