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Season 1, Episode 5
February 14, 1952
Friday heads the interrogation of a suspect whom the police believe is responsible for at least a dozen murders.
Season 1, Episode 11
May 8, 1952
A secretary is found beaten to death and there seems to be no real motive for the crime. Eventually, the trail leads to a fanatically religious former beau whom she rejected.
Season 1, Episode 12
May 22, 1952
Investigating a jewelry store robbery, Friday discovers tape recorded evidence that the store owner hired someone to commit the robbery.
Season 1, Episode 13
June 5, 1952
A man claims his wife killed herself right before his very eyes. Friday investigates and finds that the evidence suggests otherwise.
Season 2, Episode 4
November 6, 1952
Teenage drug use is the theme of this episode as Friday and Smith investigate a group of teens who are using and selling dope.
Season 2, Episode 7
December 18, 1952
Tragedy ensues when a young boy is given a gun as a Christmas present.
Season 2, Episode 9
January 1, 1953
Friday goes after a corrupt officer who's on the take from a crime syndicate.
Season 2, Episode 11
January 22, 1953
An infant baby is found abandoned in a bus station.
Season 2, Episode 18
March 12, 1953
When a hit-and-run driver strikes down two elderly women, Friday and Smith are on the scene.
Season 2, Episode 19
March 19, 1953
A convict escapes from custody and is considered armed and dangerous. Friday and Smith are assigned to bring him in.
Season 2, Episode 26
May 7, 1953
Friday goes after the man who shot his partner, Officer Smith.
Season 2, Episode 28
May 21, 1953
Friday and Smith suspect a serial killer when a dead woman with a broken neck is discovered in a hotel room.
Season 2, Episode 32
June 18, 1953
A 21 year old woman is brutally murdered. Friday and Smith are on the case and find plenty of physical evidence but few actual clues.
Season 3, Episode 4
September 24, 1953
Friday and Smith go after a gang of bunco artists who are selling defective watches.
Season 3, Episode 11
November 12, 1953
A wealthy man is murdered. Was the culprit one of his heirs?
Season 3, Episode 16
December 17, 1953
A robbery gang is preying on Los Angeles are physicians. Friday and Smith attempt to bring the robberies to an end.
Season 3, Episode 17
December 24, 1953
A statue of the Baby Jesus is stolen from a church and Friday and Smith must find it before Christmas morning services.
Season 3, Episode 19
January 7, 1954
Three winos are the chief suspects in the murder of a woman who was found dead in a motel room tied to a chair.
Season 3, Episode 21
January 21, 1954
The police stakeout a hotel lobby awaiting the arrival of four juvenile armed robbers and must deal with an inebriated desk clerk.
Season 3, Episode 24
February 11, 1954
Friday and Smith charge a mother with neglecting her three children after they are found abandoned, dirty, and hungry.
Season 3, Episode 27
March 4, 1954
An elderly man apparently committed suicide by shooting himself with a rifle but Friday and Smith soon discover that it was actually a homicide.
Season 3, Episode 28
March 11, 1954
On shoplifting detail, Friday and Smith apprehend the culprit--a wealthy housewife who's a kleptomaniac.
Season 3, Episode 29
March 18, 1954
A woman and her grandson are run over by a bakery truck but the driver has an ironclad alibi.
Season 3, Episode 31
April 1, 1954
Friday and Smith go after a pistol packin' mama who's on a robbery rampage.
Season 3, Episode 34
April 22, 1954
When a dead body is discovered lying in the gutter, the only clue is a pair of skid marks discovered nearby.
Season 3, Episode 39
May 27, 1954
After a store manager identifies a robbery suspect, Friday and Smith think he might have identified the wrong man.
Season 4, Episode 1
August 26, 1954
Friday and Smith discover that a man calling himself a Hollywood producer not what he claims.
Season 4, Episode 2
September 2, 1954
Con artists posing as policemen are victimizing out of town businessmen at a swanky hotel.
Season 4, Episode 3
September 9, 1954
Friday and Smith rush to the scene when four-year-old twin girls are abducted from a city park.
Season 4, Episode 4
September 16, 1954
A burglar robs the residence of an old man and his granddaughter leaving them penniless and hungry.
Season 4, Episode 8
October 14, 1954
Friday and Smith are on the trail of an armed robber who likes to shoot bartenders. Clues are slim except for the fact that he likes to drink Scotch and listen to a certain song on the jukebox.
Season 4, Episode 9
October 21, 1954
Friday and Smith are looking for a burglar who leaves a milk bottle at the scence of the crime. They suspect a juvenile might be involved.
Season 4, Episode 12
November 11, 1954
On New Year's Eve, Friday and Smith have a busy evening.
Season 5, Episode 4
September 22, 1955
Friday and Smith try to crack a case involving a cat burglar but the leads are slim.
Season 5, Episode 6
October 6, 1955
Friday and Smith go after a trio of con-artists after a business owner is swindled out of his life savings.
Season 5, Episode 7
October 13, 1955
Friday and Smith track down a home invasion robber. After picking up a suspicious real estate salesman, they get word that the real offender was caught elsewhere.
Season 5, Episode 9
October 27, 1955
Friday goes after a robber who only steals from pet stores and homes that have pet birds.
Season 5, Episode 12
November 17, 1955
Friday and Smith go after a forger who's been using a dead man's account to write bad checks.
Season 5, Episode 34
April 26, 1956
Assigned to bunco duty, Friday and Smith get on the trail of another con artist.
Season 7, Episode 27
April 3, 1958
Friday and Smith try to stop a gang war and warn the mother of one of the gang leaders of trouble ahead, but she ignores the warning.
Season 8, Episode 4
October 14, 1958
A man steals worthless objects from a woman and gets Friday and Smith on his trail.

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