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The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet


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    The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet     19521966     available on [DVD]


October 3, 1952
Season 1, Episode 1

The Rivals
October 17, 1952
Season 1, Episode 3

The Pills

Ozzie goes on a diet. Will pills help Ozzie to beat Thorny in a weight loss contest?
October 24, 1952
Season 1, Episode 4

The Fall Guy

Ozzie wants to teach David how to be more self-reliant.
October 31, 1952
Season 1, Episode 5

Halloween Party

Ozzie and Harriet agree that this year they will not have a Halloween party since the last few have become so routine. But after talking with Thorny, Ozzie decides that if they made all the plans then this year's party will be a success.
November 7, 1952
Season 1, Episode 6

The Ballet

Ozzie buys a pair of tickets to the ballet for the policemen's charity drive as a surprise for Harriet. But when she seems unenthusiastic about the show, Ozzie gives the tickets to Thorny.
December 5, 1952
Season 1, Episode 10

Thorny's Gift

Ozzie feels slighted when Thorny forgets to thank him for a gift he had given him.
December 19, 1952
Season 1, Episode 12

The Boys' Christmas Money

The boys would like to get a job to earn money for Christmas presents. After a day of failure, Ozzie makes a deal with the local grocer to give them a job as box boys. But when a bad storm brews up, Ozzie gets worried about the boys.
January 23, 1953
Season 1, Episode 17

Tuba Incident

Ozzie and Harriet differ over an incident in the newspaper concerning a husband and wife who are divorcing over his enjoyment of playing the tuba.
January 30, 1953
Season 1, Episode 18

The Rover Boys
February 6, 1953
Season 1, Episode 19

Separate Rooms

After years of bunking together, David and Ricky finally get their own separate rooms in the Nelson household.
February 20, 1953
Season 1, Episode 21

The Traffic Signal

Each of the Nelsons believe they are responsible for the addition of a traffic light at a dangerous intersection in the town.
March 27, 1953
Season 1, Episode 26

Bowling Alley

Ozzie feigns an illness just to get out of bringing Harriet to the emporium. But Thorny convinces him that they should go bowling.
April 3, 1953
Season 1, Episode 27

The Orchid and the Violet

Ozzie heads down to the florist in dirty clothes after having played baseball with the boys.
April 10, 1953
Season 1, Episode 28

Pancake Mix

While eating breakfast, Ricky notices the box of pancake mix has a slogan which guarantees "double your money back if you're not totally satisfied with this product", an idea which Ozzie believes someone should challenge.
June 26, 1953
Season 1, Episode 39

Oscillating Ozzie

Ozzie feels that by becoming unpredictable he will make himself more attractive to the opposite sex.
September 18, 1953
Season 2, Episode 1

The New Chairs

A pair of chairs arrive at the Nelson's home as a mistake. When Ozzie tries the fix the mix up, it creates further confusion when two more chairs are sent.
October 9, 1953
Season 2, Episode 4

The Window Pane

A window pane in the Nelson house is broken and Harriet finds herself having to cajole Ozzie into fixing it.
October 21, 1953
Season 2, Episode 3

The Boy's Paper Route

David and Ricky ask permission to work on a newspaper route.
October 23, 1953
Season 2, Episode 6

David's 17th Birthday

It's David's 17th birthday and he makes plans for a date with a girl from Chicago who has dated college guys.
November 20, 1953
Season 2, Episode 10

The Suggestion Box

The Nelsons decide it would be a great idea to make a suggestion box as a way to get the family's true feelings across.
November 27, 1953
Season 2, Episode 11

The Ladder

Ozzie and Thorny find themselves stuck on a rooftop without a ladder on which to climb down.
December 11, 1953
Season 2, Episode 13

The Insurance Policy

When Harriet loses a sentimental pin, the whole family helps her look for it.
March 5, 1954
Season 2, Episode 25

The Initiation

David brings home a pledge for his club, and Ozzie and Harriet both become worried when they find cans of paint and a ladder in the yard, believing that these are to be used in the club initiation.
March 19, 1954
Season 2, Episode 27

Father and Son Tournament

David and Ricky both want to enter a Father and Son Ping Pong tournament with Ozzie. In order to make it fair, the boys flip a coin to see who will play.
April 9, 1954
Season 2, Episode 30

Over Protection
April 16, 1954
Season 2, Episode 31

Be on Time

Ozzie tells the boys the importance of time after Ricky wakes up late for David's baseball game once again.
April 23, 1954
Season 2, Episode 32

An Evening With Hamlet

Ricky and David decide to put on a play of Hamlet
April 30, 1954
Season 2, Episode 33

New Neighbor

Ozzie recalls the time when Doc Williams moved into the neighborhood and how the two men didn't exactly get off to a flying start in their relationship.
May 7, 1954
Season 2, Episode 34

The Bird's Nest

A leaky drain pipe leads to water damage in the boys room. When Ozzie has a repairman check out the pipe, he discovers a nest of eggs belonging to a robin. Although he'd like the pipe fixed, Ozzie is unwilling to move the nest for at least a week so the eggs can hatch.
May 14, 1954
Season 2, Episode 35

A Friend of the Family
May 21, 1954
Season 2, Episode 36

A Tuxedo for David
October 29, 1954
Season 3, Episode 4

A Load Of Gravel

Thorny orders a load of gravel but it gets dumped by mistake into the Nelsons' driveway.
November 12, 1954
Season 3, Episode 5

The Usher

David is forced to compete with a pal for a job as a theatre usher.
December 10, 1954
Season 3, Episode 8

Odd Bolt

Ozzie finds an odd shaped bolt inside a box of junk he keeps in a drawer. When Ricky questions what the bolt belongs to, Ozzie begins a series of fix-it projects in which he believes the bolt had fallen off of. Soon Ozzie becomes obsessed with the bolt.
January 7, 1955
Season 3, Episode 11

The Fruitcake

The Nelson's discuss the importance of sending out "thank you" notes for the gifts they received. But Ozzie has trouble putting into words how much he appreciated the fruitcake he received from Mr. Thornberry.
January 21, 1955
Season 3, Episode 13

The Missing Sandwiches

Ozzie and Thorny are entrusted to bring sandwiches and potato salad to a picnic. Big mistake.
January 28, 1955
Season 3, Episode 14


Ricky and David each want different decor for their respective bedrooms.
March 18, 1955
Season 3, Episode 20

Ricky's Blind Date

David must find a date for his galpal's visiting cousin. He ends up getting little brother Ricky.
April 1, 1955
Season 3, Episode 22

Pajama Game

A long night begins when Ozzie becomes involved with a movie in which David was watching on TV.
September 30, 1955
Season 4, Episode 2

Homemade Ice Cream
October 14, 1955
Season 4, Episode 4

An Invitation To Dinner

Ozzie invites an old friend of his to dinner without telling Harriet.
November 25, 1955
Season 4, Episode 9

A Ball of Tinfoil

Ozzie's decision to clean the garage causes housekeeping trouble.
January 20, 1956
Season 4, Episode 15

Volunteer Firemen

Ozzie decides to join the volunteer firemen, but the training wears him out and he sleeps through the first fire.
January 27, 1956
Season 4, Episode 16

The Car Mix-Up

Harriet accidentally takes the wrong car home from the supermarket.
March 23, 1956
Season 4, Episode 21

A Day In Bed

Ozzie decides that the best way to avoid the stresses of life is to stay in bed all day.
April 13, 1956
Season 4, Episode 23

A Beautiful Day

Ozzie's fun day makes a downhill turn when he begins to treat everyone bad.
November 21, 1956
Season 5, Episode 8

David Picks Up The Tab

On their anniversary, David takes Ozzie and Harriet to a swanky nightclub.
November 28, 1956
Season 5, Episode 9

The Balloons

Ozzie is faced with the daunting task of inflating 1,000 balloons for Harriet's charity affair.
December 12, 1956
Season 5, Episode 11

Doctor in the House

Doc Williams bunks with the Nelsons while his residence undergoes renovations. Ozzie then begins having aches and pains.
December 19, 1956
Season 5, Episode 12

The Busy Christmas

Ozzie is tired of the hustle and bustle that Christmas season brings each year and decides that this time he will take it easy.
December 26, 1956
Season 5, Episode 13

The Day After Christmas

The Nelsons are puzzled by a late Christmas gift from Grandpa Nelson.
January 2, 1957
Season 5, Episode 14

Ozzie's Double
January 9, 1957
Season 5, Episode 15

Hairstyle For Harriet

In order to get new fashion ideas, Harriet decides to attend a beauty show.
January 23, 1957
Season 5, Episode 17

The Borrowed Tuxedo

As usual, trouble ensues when Ozzie borrows a tuxedo from a neighbor.
February 6, 1957
Season 5, Episode 19

The Duenna
February 20, 1957
Season 5, Episode 21

The Reading Room

Ozzie begins a one man campaign to revive the art of reading.
March 13, 1957
Season 5, Episode 24

The Jet Pilot

Ozzie is awarded a ride in a new Air Force jet plane because of his efforts in getting an Air Force base located in the community.
March 27, 1957
Season 5, Episode 26

The Editor

Harriet is made editor of her women's club newsletter but runs into trouble when she accepts "help" from Ozzie.
April 10, 1957
Season 5, Episode 28

Ricky, the Drummer

Ricky gets his first big show biz break when he sits in as a drummer with a big-name band.
June 12, 1957
Season 5, Episode 37

The Fishing Lure
June 26, 1957
Season 5, Episode 39

The Loan
October 16, 1957
Season 6, Episode 3

Treasurer's Report

Ozzie uses Ricky's tape recorder to spice up things at his men's club.
October 30, 1957
Season 6, Episode 5

Mystery Shopper
November 13, 1957
Season 6, Episode 7

Free Flowers

Neighborhood wives are fuming that their hubbies are spending too much time at the bowling alley.
November 20, 1957
Season 6, Episode 8

Ozzie's Triple Banana Surprise

Ozzie has a strange dream after eating two Triple Banana Surprise sundaes.
December 11, 1957
Season 6, Episode 10

Tutti-Frutti Ice Cream

Things get out of hand pretty quickly when Ozzie gets a yen for tuti-fruiti ice cream.
December 18, 1957
Season 6, Episode 11

Christmas Tree Lot

The boys want to raise money for Christmas presents. They decide on selling Christmas trees, if only they can fund a lot.
January 1, 1958
Season 6, Episode 13

The Trophy

Ozzie is determined that the Nelsons will win the cross-country obstacle race being held at his men's club annual picnic.
January 8, 1958
Season 6, Episode 14

The Road Race

Ozzie puts up a Model T in a race against David and Ricky's hot rod.
January 29, 1958
Season 6, Episode 17

Harriet's Dancing Partner
February 26, 1958
Season 6, Episode 21

Old Band Pavilion

Ozzzie wants to bring back concerts at the Pavillion in the Park.
March 5, 1958
Season 6, Episode 22

The Practical Joker
March 12, 1958
Season 6, Episode 23

Scavenger Hunt
April 9, 1958
Season 6, Episode 27

Record Trout
June 4, 1958
Season 6, Episode 35

The Bridge Group

After a new neighbor moves in, the Nelsons decide they are in a rut and should try different things.
June 11, 1958
Season 6, Episode 36

A Cruise For Harriet

Trying to dissuade Ozzie from taking a stag fishing trip, Harriet announces that she's going to take a vacation all by herself.
October 29, 1958
Season 7, Episode 5

Stealing Rick's Girl

Ricky might lose his best galpal if it means pledging David's fraternity.
November 12, 1958
Season 7, Episode 7

Ozzie Spills The Beans
November 19, 1958
Season 7, Episode 8

Rick's Riding Lesson

Ricky gives an attractive riding instructor guitar lessons in exchange for riding lessons.
December 10, 1958
Season 7, Episode 12

The Motorcycle

When David takes up motorcycling, a worried Ozzie attempts to talk him out of it.
January 28, 1959
Season 7, Episode 16

Ozzie & The Space Age
February 4, 1959
Season 7, Episode 17

Jealous Joe Randolph

Joe Randolph becomes jealous when he mistakes Ozzie being seen shopping with his wife as a romantic affair.
February 18, 1959
Season 7, Episode 19

Ozzie's Old Teammate
February 25, 1959
Season 7, Episode 20

The Newspaper Interview

The local newspaper chooses Ozzie to be the subject of its Neighbor of the Week column.
March 4, 1959
Season 7, Episode 21

The Exploding Book

When David and pal Wally fall for the same gal, Wally tricks David into giving her a gag gift.
April 1, 1959
Season 7, Episode 25

April 15, 1959
Season 7, Episode 27

Treasurer's Son

After Ricky is elected treasurer of his fraternity, Ozzie gives him advice on financial matters.
May 13, 1959
Season 7, Episode 31

Little Black Box

Harriet and Clara bet Ozzie that he cannot keep from opening a little black box before the week's end.
June 17, 1959
Season 7, Episode 36

Ozzie Plans a Surprise
October 21, 1959
Season 8, Episode 3

David, the Law Clerk

It seems as though everyone is trying to help David get a job as a law clerk.
November 11, 1959
Season 8, Episode 6

The Nelsons Decide to Move

Ozzie decides that the family needs to move into an apartment and attempts to convince them to follow his advice.
November 18, 1959
Season 8, Episode 7

David, the Sleuth

David trails a man whom he believes is faking an injury in order to collect insurance money.
December 2, 1959
Season 8, Episode 9

Fathers' Night at the Fraternity House

The guys in the fraternity want a swimming pool, but they don't know how to get their fathers to pay for it.
December 16, 1959
Season 8, Episode 11

Rick Gets Even
January 27, 1960
Season 8, Episode 15

The Circus

In order to impress an attractive circus worker, David and Ricky put together a trapeze act.
February 17, 1960
Season 8, Episode 28

Uninvited Guests
May 18, 1960
Season 8, Episode 29

Forgotten Promise
June 8, 1960
Season 8, Episode 31

No News for Harriet

When Harriet gets disappointed because Ozzie forgot to tell her anything about his day, neighbor Joe Randolph suggests that he make things up.
November 9, 1960
Season 9, Episode 7

A Sweater for Rick

Galpal Joyce begins knitting a sweater for beau Ricky, but it is taking up too much of her time.
November 16, 1960
Season 9, Episode 8

A Friend in Need

Ozzie's friends decide to go play golf instead of helping him fix the plumbing at the Nelson house.
November 23, 1960
Season 9, Episode 9

David's Almost In-Laws

Ozzie and Harriet think David is planning to get married real soon when they get invited to dinner at his galpal's house.
December 7, 1960
Season 9, Episode 11

A Lawnmower For Ozzie

Ozzie and Ricky break into neighbor Joe Randolph's garage to retrieve a borrowed lawnmower.
December 14, 1960
Season 9, Episode 12

Girl in the Emporium

Ricky and Wally get a job at a department store, both hoping to impress the same attractive girl.
December 21, 1960
Season 9, Episode 13

A Piano for the Fraternity

David and Ricky's fraternity decides to throw a Christmas party but there's no piano to be found.
January 11, 1961
Season 9, Episode 16

Safe Husbands
March 1, 1961
Season 9, Episode 23

Mr. Kelly's Important Papers

In David's absence, Ozzie and Harriet decide to deliver some important papers for his boss.
March 8, 1961
Season 9, Episode 32

Dave's Golf Story

David scores a hole-in-one on the golf course, but when the story hits the campus newspaper it's pal Wally who did the deed.
March 29, 1961
Season 9, Episode 27

Manly Arts

Ozzie, Ricky, and David disagree over which form of self-defense is best and they might get a chance to find out when they take jobs as guards for a detective agency.
May 10, 1961
Season 9, Episode 33

Built-In TV Set

Ozzie wants to get an old, out-dated television set so he can install the insides into his bedroom wall.
October 12, 1961
Season 10, Episode 3

The Newlyweds Get Settled

While David and bride June are on their honeymoon, Harriet decides to re-decorate their apartment.
November 2, 1961
Season 10, Episode 6

Ten For the Tigers

A neighborhood youth club calling themselves the Tigers asks for Ozzie's help in fund raising for a secret project.
November 16, 1961
Season 10, Episode 8

The Barking Dog

Ozzie is upset when a loud barking dog interrupts their peaceful fishing trip.
January 11, 1962
Season 10, Episode 13

Backyard Pet Show

Ozzie is selected to judge a neighborhood pet show.
February 1, 1962
Season 10, Episode 16

A Lamp for Dave and June

June badly wants a new lamp for their apartment but David says they don't have enough money in their budget
October 25, 1962
Season 11, Episode 5

Trip To Mexico

Ozzie and Harriet plan a trip down to Mexico. Then the Randolphs announce that they want to come along too.
November 1, 1962
Season 11, Episode 6

The Tigers Go to a Dance

Harriet accepts the chairmanship of her women's club's annual children's dance.
January 10, 1963
Season 11, Episode 14

June and The Great Outdoors

David wants to test a camper truck he'd like to buy but wife June's idea of roughing it is to stay at the Holliday Inn.
January 31, 1963
Season 11, Episode 16

Roadside Courtesy

When Harriet and Clara are late for dinner, Ozzie and Joe decide to turn the situation into a practical joke.
September 25, 1963
Season 12, Episode 2

Secret Agent

After receiving some strange messages and observing her husband's strange behavior, June concludes that David is working undercover for the FBI.
October 23, 1963
Season 12, Episode 6

The Blue Moose

Ricky's frat and a rival frat have a bet regarding possession of a blue moose trophy.
February 19, 1964
Season 12, Episode 20

The Uniforms

Ozzie and Joe decide to impress their wives by wearing their old service uniforms to an Armed Services dance.
April 1, 1964
Season 12, Episode 25

A Letter About Harriet

Harriet and Clara get their husbands to enter a newspaper contest entitled "Why I Love My Wife."
October 28, 1964
Season 13, Episode 7

The Pennies

The neighborhood kids entrust Ozzie with their jar of pennies but he decides to borrow it for an evening of poker unaware that the jar contains a valuable coin collection.
November 4, 1964
Season 13, Episode 8

The Ballerina

Kris comes to the aid of members of Ricky's frat who've agreed to do a comic ballet for the women's club benefit.
January 6, 1965
Season 13, Episode 18

The Petition

David and Ricky gets suspicious of a client and decide to investigate her.
February 24, 1965
Season 13, Episode 23

Breakfast For Harriet

Harriet comes down with a bad cold so loving husband Ozzie gives up his golf date to serve her breakfast in bed.
March 3, 1965
Season 13, Episode 24

Desk Photo

Kris wants Ricky to display her picture on his office desk.
March 17, 1965
Season 13, Episode 27

A Painting from the Past

Ricky brings home a painting but Kris gets upset when she learns he did it a few years before for a former galpal.
September 22, 1965
Season 14, Episode 2

A Rose a Day

Harriet starts receiving a rose every day from a secret admirer.
September 22, 1965
Season 14, Episode 2

A Rose A Day (color)

Harriet starts receiving a rose every day from a secret admirer.
September 29, 1965
Season 14, Episode 3

Kris & the Queen

Ricky attempts to patch up a spat between Wally and Ginger only to have it backfire.
October 13, 1965
Season 14, Episode 5

The Prowler

Ozzie attempts to get out of a bridge game with the neighbors by pretending to go fishing.


The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet

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