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The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show


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October 12, 1950
Season 1, Episode 1

The Kleebob Card Game

Live from The Mansfield Theater in New York.
November 9, 1950
Season 1, Episode 3

The Property Tax Assessor
December 7, 1950
Season 1, Episode 5

Gracie's Checking Account
December 28, 1950
Season 1, Episode 7

Rumba Lessons

Gracie and Blanche try to get Harry and George to take Rumba lessons.
March 1, 1951
Season 1, Episode 12

The Income Tax Man

Gracie creates confusion for a tax man.
April 26, 1951
Season 1, Episode 16

Teenage Girl Spends the Weekend

A young teenager visits the George and Gracie, and Gracie is easily confused by what they teach in school at the time.
July 5, 1951
Season 1, Episode 21

Too Much of The Mortons
August 2, 1951
Season 1, Episode 23

Gracie's Vegetarian Plot

This episode spoofs some of the diets of the time.
August 16, 1951
Season 1, Episode 24

Space Patrol Kids Visit
October 11, 1951
Season 2, Episode 2

The Beverly Hills Uplift Society
October 25, 1951
Season 2, Episode 3

The Football Game

Eight football tickets create troubles for all involved.
December 6, 1951
Season 2, Episode 6

New Dresses for the Concert

Gracie and her friend decide to trick their husbands into buying them new dresses.
December 20, 1951
Season 2, Episode 7

Christmas with Mamie Kelly
February 28, 1952
Season 2, Episode 12

Trip to Palm Springs

Gracie and George are visiting a friend to rehearse for a radio show, but Gracie's friend wants to come as well.
March 13, 1952
Season 2, Episode 13

Gracie's Engagement Ring

Gracie loses her engagement ring.
April 24, 1952
Season 2, Episode 16

Jack Benny Steals George's Joke
October 9, 1952
Season 3, Episode 1

Wardrobe Woman Wins Free Trip to Hawaii

Gracie's wardrobe lady, Jane Adams, gets a trip for two to Hawaii. Gracie sets out to find Jane a husband, not knowing she's already married.
January 22, 1953
Season 3, Episode 16

Gracie Thinks She's Not Married to George
October 18, 1954
Season 5, Episode 3

Gracie Gives Wedding in Payment of a Favor

Gracie hosts a wedding for the daughter of a woman who once did her favor, and George is paying the tab.
November 1, 1954
Season 5, Episode 5

Auto License Bureau

Gracie applies for a drivers licence. George is writing a book.
February 11, 1957
Season 7, Episode 23

The Fortune Teller

Gracie goes to a fortune teller.
George's Birthday

Gracie finds a reminder to "throw a party", but cannot remember what is supposed to have a party for.


The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show

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