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The Andy Griffith Show


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    The Andy Griffith Show     19601968     available on [DVD]


January 28, 1963
Season 3, Episode 18

The Loaded Goat

Andy and Barney devise a plan to save a dynamite-eating goat.
February 18, 1963
Season 3, Episode 21

Opie and the Spoiled Kid

Opie's work ethic is corrupted by a spoiled friend.
February 25, 1963
Season 3, Episode 22

The Great Filling Station Robbery

Andy suspects young Jimmy Morgan is robbing Wally's Filling Station.
March 4, 1963
Season 3, Episode 23

Andy Discovers America

Andy gets into hot water with Opie's new teacher Helen Crump.
March 25, 1963
Season 3, Episode 26

Andy's English Valet

An Englishman works off a fine by acting as Andy's valet.
April 1, 1963
Season 3, Episode 27

Barney's First Car

An elderly con woman sells Barney a car.
April 8, 1963
Season 3, Episode 28


Opie falls in love with Thelma Lou.
April 15, 1963
Season 3, Episode 29

A Wife For Andy

Barney plays matchmaker for Andy.
April 22, 1963
Season 3, Episode 30

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs

The courthouse is overrun with dogs.
May 6, 1963
Season 3, Episode 32

The Big House

Barney's hands are full when his prisoners escape.
January 6, 1964
Season 4, Episode 13

Barney and the Cave Rescue

After a landslide traps Andy and Helen in a cave, all Mayberry sets off to the rescue.


The Andy Griffith Show

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