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The Lucy Show


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    The Lucy Show     19621968     available on [DVD]


January 28, 1963
Season 1, Episode 18

Lucy and Viv Put In A Shower

After the plumber quits, Lucy and Viv try installing a shower in the guest bathroom.
February 4, 1963
Season 1, Episode 19

Lucy's Barbershop Quartet

Lucy seeks the aide of a voice teacher to earn a spot on the Volunteer Fireman's Barbershop Quartet.
September 12, 1966
Season 5, Episode 1

Lucy and George Burns

George Burns meets Lucy while visiting the bank for his dividend check. He is taken by her wacky personality and believes that they can make it big as a stage act together. But will she be able to leave Mr. Mooney and her home behind?
September 19, 1966
Season 5, Episode 2

Lucy and the Submarine

Mr. Mooney is called in for his National Reserves training aboard a submarine. Unfortunately, he forgot to sign some important documents before leaving. Lucy gets an idea that if she dressed as a sailor, she could sneak aboard the sub undetected.
September 26, 1966
Season 5, Episode 3

Lucy, the Bean Queen

Lucy schemes to earn money after seeing an ad for baked beans with a "double your money back" guarantee. She and Mary Jane buy up cases of the beans with the plan of returning them, doubling their investment.
October 3, 1966
Season 5, Episode 4

Lucy and Paul Winchell

Lucy gets ventriloquist Paul Winchell as a guest for the bank employees show. When Lucy accidentally leaves his dummies behind in a cab, Lucy decides to fill in as Tessie, one of his dummies.
October 10, 1966
Season 5, Episode 5

Lucy and the Ring-a-Ding-Ding

Lucy tries on a diamond ring that Mr. Mooney bought as a gift for his wife, which she then gets stuck on her finger.
October 17, 1966
Season 5, Episode 6

Lucy Goes to London

Lucy wins a trip to London when she sends in a winning dog food jingle. The man in the seat next to her just happens to be Mr. Mooney, making for a long trip.
October 31, 1966
Season 5, Episode 7

Lucy Gets a Roommate

A lack of money once again has Lucy looking for a roommate. This time she welcomes a shy, librarian named Carol Bradford. But soon her timidness gets on Lucy's nerves.
November 7, 1966
Season 5, Episode 8

Lucy and Carol In Palm Springs

Lucy wants to accompany Carol and her singing group, The Vagabonds, to a concert at a charity golf tournament. When Mr. Mooney refuses to let her have time off from the bank, Lucy feigns an illness to make the trip to Palm Springs.
November 14, 1966
Season 5, Episode 9

Lucy Gets Caught Up in the Draft

Lucy receives a draft notice from the US Marine Corps that was meant for Lou C. Carmichael. No matter how much she protests, the Marines won't admit their mistake. She is sent off to boot camp awaiting her discharge orders.
November 21, 1966
Season 5, Episode 10

Lucy and John Wayne

Mary Jane invites Lucy for lunch at the movie studio in which she works. While walking around, Lucy bumps into actor John Wayne. Meanwhile, Mary Jane arranges for Lucy to visit the sound stage where John Wayne is filming a scene.
November 28, 1966
Season 5, Episode 11

Lucy and Pat Collins

Mr. Mooney is suffering from a bad case of insomnia. Lucy invites him to a nightclub where they get picked to be hypnotized by Pat Collins. Mr. Mooney is given a post hypnotic suggestion to help him sleep.
December 5, 1966
Season 5, Episode 12

Lucy and the Monkey

Due to an unusual situation, Lucy mistakes a chimp as being Mr. Mooney.
December 12, 1966
Season 5, Episode 13

Lucy and the Efficiency Expert

A new efficiency expert has been hired by the bank and soon takes over Mr. Mooney's office, not to mention taking Lucy as his personal assistant.
January 2, 1967
Season 5, Episode 14

Lucy's Substitute Secretary

Lucy is off for a vacation at Lake Arrowhead, California. Her replacement at the bank, Audrey Fields, has plans on staying on a bit longer than Lucy expects, as in permanently. Its up to Lucy to figure how to get her position back.
January 9, 1967
Season 5, Episode 15

Viv Visits Lucy

Viv comes for a visit and tells Lucy the son of an old friend has fallen in with the wrong crowd. Lucy and Viv arrive at his hangout in disguise to reform him back to his old, conventional ways.
January 16, 1967
Season 5, Episode 16

Lucy, the Baby Sitter

An argument with Mr. Mooney over Lucy's efficiency finds her looking for a new job. Lacking in skills, an employment agency gets her a job as a babysitter, for a chimpanzee.
January 23, 1967
Season 5, Episode 17

Main Street U.S.A.

Lucy and Mr. Mooney are sent to Bancroft to check out an area that the bank is financing for a new freeway. A neighbor of Lucy gets the idea that the highway will be bad for the town and forms a local protest.
February 13, 1967
Season 5, Episode 19

Lucy Meets the Law

Lucy is arrested when a red headed jewel thief slips the stolen goods into her purse. While in jail, Lucy is hounded by a pair of thugs as she awaits the capture of the true robber.
February 20, 1967
Season 5, Episode 20

Lucy, the Fight Manager

Ex-fighter Eddie Rickles is denied a loan from Mr. Mooney at the bank, squashing his plans of opening a flower shop. Lucy offers to train Eddie to fight agin and raise enough money to open his shop.
February 27, 1967
Season 5, Episode 21

Lucy and Tennessee Ernie Ford

The bank is in a slump for opening new accounts, and Mr. Mooney has his eyes on a rich country music singer, Homer Higgins, as a possible new client. Lucy suggests the bank hold a barn dance to woo Homer in and make him feel comfortable.
March 6, 1967
Season 5, Episode 22

Lucy Meets Sheldon Leonard

Lucy overhears a conversation by TV producer Sheldon Leonard that he wanted to "shoot the bank," mistaking it for a attempted robbery. She and Mary Jane plan to capture the "thief" before he can pull off the heist.
September 11, 1967
Season 6, Episode 1

Lucy Meets the Berles

Lucy is given time off from the bank to be a personal secretary for Milton Berle, whom she then mistakenly believes is planning an affair with actress Ruta Lee.
September 18, 1967
Season 6, Episode 2

Lucy Gets Trapped

Lucy fakes an illness to attend a big sale at a department store. When she enters the doors, she finds she is the 10 millionth customer, winning all sorts of prizes. But all is not wonderful when Mr. Mooney sees her picture in the newspaper the next day.
September 25, 1967
Season 6, Episode 3

Lucy and The French Movie Star

Lucy jumps at the chance to help a handsome Italian movie star dictate a letter. But when she drinks a bit too much champagne, she comes close to losing her job.
October 2, 1967
Season 6, Episode 4

Lucy, the Starmaker

Lucy invites a show biz producer into the bank, who unknowingly will be hearing a singing audition by Mr. Cheever's nephew Tommy.
October 16, 1967
Season 6, Episode 6

Lucy and Jack Benny's Account

Jack Benny agrees to move his money to the bank if Lucy can prove that their vault is safer than his.
October 23, 1967
Season 6, Episode 7

Little Old Lucy

Mr. Heatherton, the elderly bank president, has arrived for a visit. Mr. Mooney asks Lucy to masquerade as Amelia Van Dyne, an old woman as an escort for Mr. Heatherton since Mr. Mooney had forgotten to set up a date for him.
October 30, 1967
Season 6, Episode 8

Lucy and Robert Goulet

Chuck Willis, a poor trucker, is denied a loan from the bank. Lucy suggests he enter a Robert Goulet look-a-like contest to win some money.


The Lucy Show

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