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Martin Kane, Private Eye


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    Martin Kane, Private Eye     19491954     available on [DVD]


March 1, 1951
Season 2, Episode 20

The District Attorney Killer
January 31, 1952
Night Club Murder
March 27, 1952
Season 3, Episode 27

Black Pearls
April 23, 1953
The Comic Strip Killer

A comic strip artist is drawing strips based on a real murder case. He promises to reveal the killer, but is killed before the strip is published.
April 8, 1954
Season 5, Episode 29

The Shoeshine Murder
Season 1, Episode 36

Murder on Ice
Season 2, Episode 5

Altered Will
Season 2, Episode 15

Reclusive Sisters

Three sisters, one of which is criminally insane, create trouble in a murder investigation.
Season 2, Episode 30

Hotel Con Game
Season 3, Episode 3

A Jockey is Murdered
Season 3, Episode 11

Rest Home Murder

An elderly man is taken in the middle of the night to a rest home by his sister who wants to know where he has hidden his money and enlists the owner of the rest home for help.
Murder in the Court

Aa murder during a court hearing makes everyone unsure who supplied the weapon.


Martin Kane, Private Eye

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