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Mr. and Mrs. North


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    Mr. and Mrs. North     19521953     available on [DVD]


October 3, 1952
Season 1, Episode 1

Weekend Murder

Paying a weekend visit to their actress friend, the Norths discover the dead body of the friend's ex-husband in a closet.
October 10, 1952
Season 1, Episode 2

Till Death Do Us Part

During the Norths anniversary celebration, a woman dressed in a bridal gown bursts into their apartment and then drops dead.
October 31, 1952
Season 1, Episode 5

These Latins

Jerry is about to publish a mysterious Latino woman's manuscript about a woman with three lovers when she turns up dead. Could the manuscript be true?
November 7, 1952
Season 1, Episode 6

Nosed Out

After a day at the racetrack, the Norths find the body of a dead jockey in the trunk of their new car.
December 12, 1952
Season 1, Episode 11

Where There's a Will

The Norths new neighbor is a young man about to inherit a sizable fortune--and someone is trying to kill him before he does.
December 26, 1952
Season 1, Episode 13

The Silent Butler

When the Norths hire a butler he ends up being the leading suspect in the murder of the butler from the adjoining apartment.
January 9, 1953
Season 1, Episode 15

Formula for Trouble

Pamela checks out a book on weaving from the library and becomes the target of spies. It seems as though the book has a secret formula tucked into it.
January 16, 1953
Season 1, Episode 16

House Behind the Wall

Returning home one dark and stormy night, the Norths get a flat tire on a country road. Seeking shelter in a desolate house they are drawn into a murder plot.
January 30, 1953
Season 1, Episode 18

The Third Eye

While shopping at a high-end dress store, a fashion model collapses and dies right in front of the Norths.
February 13, 1953
Season 1, Episode 20


At the isolated home of a quack doctor, the Norths and others are terrorized by a homicidal maniac.
April 10, 1953
Season 1, Episode 28

The Man Who Came to Murder

Celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary, Jerry and Pamela return to the lodge where they spent their honeymoon. Unfortunately, their second honeymoon gets interrupted by yet another murder.
April 17, 1953
Season 1, Episode 29


The Norths visit the state pen to talk to a notorious racketeer about penning his memoirs but then get themselves caught up in a prison break by two desperate convicts.
May 1, 1953
Season 1, Episode 31

Hot Mink

A mink that was mistakenly delivered to Pamela on her birthday leads to trouble for the Norths.
May 22, 1953
Season 1, Episode 34

Busy Signal

Due to a changed phone number, the Norths get involved in the murder of a bookie.
May 29, 1953
Season 1, Episode 35

Salt in His Blood

A young friend of the North's gets into a barroom brawl and is accused of murder.
June 5, 1953
Season 1, Episode 36

Two Faced

A manicurist recognizes a wanted bank robber who strolls into her husband's barber shop but instead of calling the police she decided to blackmail the felon. Only her husband thinks she's having an affair with him. Things quickly lead to murder.
June 12, 1953
Season 1, Episode 37

Trained for Murder

The Norths get involved in the investigation of the poisoning death of an up-and-coming boxer.
June 26, 1953
Season 1, Episode 39

Million Dollar Coffin

The smooth yet callous head of a school for models is murdered with a fencing epee.
January 26, 1954
Season 2, Episode 1

Quick and Deadly

While traveling aboard a train, Pam dines with a woman, who then disappears, and everyone swears they never saw her.
February 2, 1954
Season 2, Episode 2


In a case of mistaken identity, a man believes Mr. North betrayed him while being held prisoner by the Germans during World War II.
February 16, 1954
Season 2, Episode 4

Loon Lake

A counterfeiter with a grudge against the Norths lures them to a mountain cabin with the intention of killing them.
March 2, 1954
Season 2, Episode 6

The Ungrateful Killer

The Norths are carjacked by a wounded hoodlum who forces them to drive him from New York to Montreal.
March 9, 1954
Season 2, Episode 7

Flight 217

In Mexico City, a bomb is placed on board a plane on which Pamela is traveling.
March 23, 1954
Season 2, Episode 9

Phantom at the Wedding

Despite several failed murder attempts on his life, the Norths' attorney insists on going through with his wedding.
March 30, 1954
Season 2, Episode 10

Homicide Limited

The Norths aid in the investigation of the murder of a beautiful blonde who was killed on a train going from Florida to New York.
April 6, 1954
Season 2, Episode 11

The Shrinking Violet

A woman murders Pamela's cousin and then assumes her identity.
April 13, 1954
Season 2, Episode 12

Model for Murder

The Norths get involved in an investigation regarding the murder of a man named Frank Logan.
April 27, 1954
Season 2, Episode 14

The Placid Affair

Jerry is an unwitting accomplice to a payroll heist committed by a dying man and his nurse.
May 11, 1954
Season 2, Episode 16

The Suspected

The Norths try to prove that a woman did not murder her wealthy employer.


Mr. and Mrs. North

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