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Petticoat Junction


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    Petticoat Junction     19631970     available on [DVD]


September 24, 1963
Season 1, Episode 1

Spur Line To Shady Rest

The C&W Railroad sends a trouble shooter, Homer Bedloe, to Hooterville to see why the main line and the branch line do not connect to each other.
October 29, 1963
Season 1, Episode 6

Please Buy My Violets

Uncle Joe decides to start selling cologne.
November 12, 1963
Season 1, Episode 8

Kate's Recipe For Hot Rhubarb

Kate decides it's time for Bobbie Jo to put away her books and find herself a fella.
December 17, 1963
Season 1, Episode 13

A Night at the Hooterville Hilton

A Hooterville travel columnist receives a brochure which describes the Shady Rest as the Hotel of the Future.
December 31, 1963
Season 1, Episode 15

Herby Gets Drafted

Billy Jo's sweetheart, Herbie Bates, has just been drafted.
January 7, 1964
Season 1, Episode 16

Bobbie Jo And The Beatnik

A beatnik, poet Alan Landman, makes his way through Hooterville and Bobby Jo is entranced by him.
February 4, 1964
Season 1, Episode 20

Last Chance Farm

Uncle Joe convinces two overweight women that the Shady Rest is really a weight loss farm.


Petticoat Junction

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