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The Public Defender


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    The Public Defender     19541954     available on [DVD]


April 22, 1954
Season 1, Episode 7

Behind Bars

The Public Defender helps an alcoholic woman who refused to reveal her real name or cooperate with her original attorney in order to protect her ex-husband and daughter.
May 6, 1954
Season 1, Episode 9

Badge of Honor
May 13, 1954
Season 1, Episode 10

Let Justice Be Done

A Public Defender has to defend the man who killed his best friend.
July 5, 1954
Season 1, Episode 18

Out of the Past

A man who escaped from prison 15 years ago after being convicted of a hit and run is arrested. But he's not the only one living a lie.
July 12, 1954
Season 1, Episode 19

A Call in the Night
September 20, 1954
Season 2, Episode 3

The Big Race

A jockey trying to make a commeback is charged with assault with a deadly weapon.
February 17, 1955
Season 2, Episode 25

The Big Steel
March 24, 1955
Season 2, Episode 30


A young has-been boxer makes an agreement with the public defender to turn himself in for a probation violation, but has second thoughts and does something deperate instead.
May 12, 1955
Season 2, Episode 37

Eight Out of a Hundred

Public Defender Bart Matthews defends a teenage immigrant who faces deportation if convicted of steeling jewelry.
June 2, 1955
Season 2, Episode 40

The Story of Nora Fulton

When a young woman is falsely charged with murdering an old boyfriend, Bart Matthews has to find out who really did it.


The Public Defender

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